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Fresh Apartment Scene

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whiteI think that I am going to be looking for something to help keep my apartment a bit cleaner.  I’m not talking about vacuums or anything like that, but I need to get something to keep the dust and stuff out of the air because I don’t know why but it can get dusty.  They say that air purifiers can help with that but I really have no idea if that is true or not, so I’m trying to categorically do some research on them and see if I can find anything about whether or not they work.  The first thing I did was go to and see what they had in stock but they didn’t really have that many because although they have some home appliances, they are mostly known for selling other types of things.  Then I checked

And I found this one: click this.

It seems to have good reviews and people are pretty satisfied I guess.  I also found a review of it here.

I don’t know.  The thing that I worry about is if it is going to take up a lot of space.  There were a few air purifiers that I saw online that were really big and I don’t really have room for anything like that so I need a small one that can fit on a tight space on a desk I think.  The other thing I was thinking about is whether or not you have to change the filter and if you can just clean it off or if you have to replace it.  I’m sure it’s not that big of a deal either way but I figure that that is something else to keep in mind.  I just want to make sure my place is clean and I’m not going to be having any more dust that I already have flying around.  The other air purifiers I looked at seem to have a few different settings so I think they might be able to be changed based on what kind of room they are in or whether or not they are doing a lot of filtering or just a little.  It’s really something that would be a good idea to learn more before making a purchase.  Maybe I’ll find a model I like better than that Whispure up there but that’s the one that I’m reading about and it sounds like it will probably do what I am looking for so I’m kind of thinking that will be the one for my apartment.

My Back Yard

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big house

You can’t see the back yard

I have been thinking about how I want to make a few changes to my home.  For starters, I need to change up the way my floors look.  I’ve got carpet and I really just want to pull it all up and replace it with tile or wood.  I didn’t even know that you could put tile in your whole house because I had really only ever seen it in the kitchen, but apparently this is really the way some people do it and when I saw a few examples of it I thought it looked really nice.  So finding the right style is going to be a bit of an adventure since it’s all new territory.

I also need to make some big changes to the outside of my house.  I am going to repair some of the cracks in our driveway and then the rest of the changes I’m going to make are in the back yard.  There is a big area where I want to have our deck expanded.  We’ve got a deck right now but it’s not really that big and I’m thinking hat there is definitely room to add on to it and make it bigger, which will mean I can have more things out there and I’ll have more space for when I have parties.  I’m also going to make some changes to my garden.  I want to get a few little decorative things to put in it, and I’m going to get some aluminium garden furniture so that if people go off the deck they’ll have some place to sit.  I mean what’s the point of having a big back yard if you’re not going to use it?

When I am considering what to put back there, I have also been looking online and some of the back yard styles and the way people have them set up.  There are some really nice looking yards out there and it makes mine look so blah by comparison.  But because I have a relatively large area back there I want to do something so that it can all be used rather than just having a normal back yard that no one really does and you just go back there and stay on the deck.

Both of these things are going to require some more research from me, however, because there are so many options and I haven’t decided how I want to make the changes.