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My Favorite Teams

November 26th, 2018 | Posted by adminwf in Uncategorized - (Comments Off on My Favorite Teams)

I have to say that overall I had a pretty good weekend. The only kind of bad thing was that on Saturday it rained and rained and continued raining pretty much all day. I didn’t have any outdoor plans though so it wasn’t a big deal. I just had to take my umbrella with me everywhere I went. I heard today on the news that we got over 8 inches of rain on Saturday which was a new single day record for this area. I believe it too because roads everywhere were closed due to flooding. There’s a forest preserve nearby that has a lake and the lake flooded. I drove by it on Sunday and it was still overflowing. I know there are fish in there too I hope none of them got hurt. A few years ago I got into fishing and went there one day but came up empty. It was really windy that day though so that didn’t help.

My weekend actually got started on Friday night. I went with my coworker friend Jill to see the movie IT. She is a big horror fan and is single and none of her friends wanted to go so she asked me. We are strictly work friends there is no romantic vibes at all between us in case you were wondering. I’m not big on going to see movies but IT has been out for a long time now so I knew it wouldn’t be crowded. I don’t understand the appeal of going to see a movie when the theater is full. Even when you have the recliner seats you are still very close to some complete stranger who is usually scarfing down popcorn. It just annoys me and I can’t enjoy the movie as I’m constantly distracted. That wasn’t the case Friday night though and we both really enjoyed the movie. We also agreed to go see the next one whenever it comes out.

Saturday morning I met up with my parents for breakfast. They live about an hour away and we usually do breakfast together once a month. We take turns on picking where we go but try to stick to around a halfway point between us. After breakfast I came back home and got all my laundry and cleaning done so that was out of the way. I usually do that Friday nights if I’m not doing anything but as you’re aware I had plans. I then went over to my friend Jeff’s house to watch some college football. My team the USC Trojans were on and they won in convincing fashion. It was pretty much over halfway through the 3rd quarter. After the game we met up with some other friends to watch the UFC card. I’m not that much into MMA fighting but it was fun to watch and I always have fun hanging out with that crowd.

Sunday was of course NFL geared. I went back over to Jeff’s house to watch all the games.  I’m in multiple fantasy football leagues this year. I really got into it last year and even joined some leagues that were not cheap to enter. I have been doing ok so far but in my one league from work I took a big hit with Aaron Rodgers getting hurt. They are saying he broke his collarbone and will be out for the rest of the year. That isn’t good as my only other quarterback right now is Carson Palmer. He isn’t bad but he’s not going to put up the kind of points I was getting with Rodgers. I’m glad that one was only $25 to get in.

My Plan

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I have quite a lot on my plate today but it’s early and I have all day so it should be fine. I am a procrastinator at heart and sometimes I put off things too long until they build up and I have no choice but to deal with them. That is the case today for some of the stuff that I have to do.
After I’m done writing this I need to do some online shopping. One thing I want to look for is CBD. I suffer from migraines especially this time of the year with the weather changing all the time. I do take a prescribed RX for it but I have read and people have told me I should look into taking CBD for them. It is one of those things that I was talking about that I have been putting off doing. You would think something like that would be at the top of my list but that is me in a nutshell. I used to be real competitive in sports too and the wear and tear it took on my body can be felt now. I have some pretty bad joint pain so I’m hoping the CBD helps with that too.
The other thing I need to look at online is a new phone. The phone I have now is what you would call a dinosaur. It is like three years old and I am almost embarrassed to use it around my friends. They all have the newest and fastest phones while I have this tiny little thing that is really slow and can barely take a clear picture. I am not one of those guys that is on my phone all the time and it does what I need it to do but yes it is time for an upgrade. I really have no idea on what I even want. I guess the big decision these days is Android or i-Phone so I’ll have to do some research and figure it out. It would be nice to have a phone that takes good pictures. I really don’t send any to anyone or post any online because it looks like they were taken with a flip phone.
After that I need to go run some errands. My apartment needs a good cleaning and I need to get some supplies to do that. I do light maintenance cleanings each week but I’m long overdue for what I call a deep clean. It is when I actually move stuff around and get to places that I don’t normally get to. I’m not really looking forward to it but it is another thing that I have put off for too long.
Last but not least I am taking my car in for an oil change and tire rotation. I have a car that takes synthetic oil for the first time in my life. I have read that you can go as long as ten thousand miles in-between oil changes and I’m starting to creep up on that. I am not what you would call a ‘car guy’ so I hope that I’m not damaging anything by doing that. It has been driving fine and I did check the dipstick a few weeks ago and it was fine. I’ll have to ask to see if I should start coming in earlier for them going forward. I know the tires probably should have been rotated earlier but again it is something that I have put off. I really need to start putting things off but I have been this way my whole life. I get it from my Mom who is the same way.

Stuff For Me

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My birthday is in two weeks and today my wife Amanda asked me what I wanted as a gift from her. We always buy something for each other and usually we tell each other what we want. In the beginning of our relationship we would surprise each other and there were some gifts from both sides that sort of struck out. One year she bought me a really nice and expensive cordless razor. She knew I wasn’t a real big fan of shaving in general but I have to for my job. It was a good idea but I couldn’t use it. I didn’t like how it worked and it made me get some nasty razor burn no matter what I tried. I felt bad but she had to return it. I think we went out to a nice dinner with the money she got back from it.

The one time I swung and missed with getting her something was a lot worse. She had just started a new job and was in need of some new outfits to wear to work. I don’t know what I was thinking but I decided to get her an outfit for every day of the work week. That would be 5 different outfits if you aren’t keeping score at home. Out of the 5 she ended up only keeping 1 of them. The rest much like the cordless razor was returned. We didn’t go out to dinner with that money instead I let her pick out her own clothes. That was and will be the last time I ever buy her anything like that. She is extremely picky when it comes to what she wears. She is also apparently hard to shop for with her size.  She’s small and wears either an extra small or small depending on the brand. I’ll never forget the look on her face when she tried to pretend that she liked everything that I got her.

I’m not really sure what I’m going to tell her to get me this year. I have a few different ideas but nothing is really jumping out at me. One thing I think would be nice is going to see my favorite team play. I haven’t been to a Bears game in years and with how their season is going so far their tickets shouldn’t be in high demand. Amanda is not into football at all so I’d probably take my brother Rob or one of my friends. I’ll have to look at their schedule and some ticket prices before I decide on that. I’m not sure how she would feel about buying me those for my birthday either. She might bet upset I’m not celebrating with her.

Another thing I was thinking about was a weekend away with her. We haven’t done something like that in a long time. We wouldn’t even have to go far. We live in the Chicago suburbs so just going into the city would be fine by me. There is always something to do in the city. We haven’t been to Lincoln Park Zoo in years and that is actually free. It is really weird to have a zoo in the middle of such a big city. I always thought it was weird anyways. I wouldn’t mind going to Shedd Aquarium too. I can’t even remember the last time we were there. I just remember it gets really crowded so I’d want to get there early to beat the rush.

The only other thing I can think of are all weather mats for my truck. I still have the carpet ones that came with it when I bought it last year. I’ve been meaning to replace them but have not gotten around to it. Maybe I’ll tell my wife those 3 options and have her surprise me.