The Sidekick Never Gets The Credit!


May 28th, 2013 | Posted by adminwf in Uncategorized

My sister is moving.  I’m jealous, although I can’t say Cedar Park would be my first choice of places to move if I could move anywhere I wanted.  Check out this email she sent me:

We are relocating to Cedar Park, Texas thanks to my husband getting a nice little promotion at his job. The good thing is they are paying for all of our moving expenses so now I just have to find where we are going to live. My husband isn’t picky so he is going to let me choose. All he wants is a deck or patio where he can set up his charcoal grill and smoker. He grills out all the time which is something I don’t mind as he makes some pretty good food and more so I don’t have to cook. I’ll make side dishes to accompany whatever he makes but that’s about it. I have spent the better part of this morning looking at homes for sale.

The rest of the day I am going to spend with my friend Julia. She is redecorating her own home and wants my expertise. I don’t work right now but if I did I could easily be an interior designer as I have a pretty good knack for it. It drives my husband nuts as I am always updating different rooms in our house. The only one I’m not allowed to mess with is his little man cave as he calls it that is downstairs. He has one of those sectional sofas down there along with his big screen HDTV to watch games. He always invites over a bunch of his friends during the NFL season to watch the Cowboys. That is now that I’m thinking about it one other thing that the new place must have and that is a finished basement. He told me he basically wants the same layout which is fine. I would like to have our washer and dryer upstairs if at all possible so I don’t even have to go down in the basement anymore so I’ll be looking for that too.

Ok well I’m going to wrap this up soon and get moving. I still have to take a shower and she lives a good 45 minutes away. The good thing is when we move she will be a lot closer (like 20 minutes away) so that will be nice. I don’t use the term best friend now that I’m an adult but if I had to pick somebody as one she would be it. We have known each other forever and get along really well so yeah.

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