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November 26th, 2018 | Posted by adminwf in Uncategorized

I have to say that overall I had a pretty good weekend. The only kind of bad thing was that on Saturday it rained and rained and continued raining pretty much all day. I didn’t have any outdoor plans though so it wasn’t a big deal. I just had to take my umbrella with me everywhere I went. I heard today on the news that we got over 8 inches of rain on Saturday which was a new single day record for this area. I believe it too because roads everywhere were closed due to flooding. There’s a forest preserve nearby that has a lake and the lake flooded. I drove by it on Sunday and it was still overflowing. I know there are fish in there too I hope none of them got hurt. A few years ago I got into fishing and went there one day but came up empty. It was really windy that day though so that didn’t help.

My weekend actually got started on Friday night. I went with my coworker friend Jill to see the movie IT. She is a big horror fan and is single and none of her friends wanted to go so she asked me. We are strictly work friends there is no romantic vibes at all between us in case you were wondering. I’m not big on going to see movies but IT has been out for a long time now so I knew it wouldn’t be crowded. I don’t understand the appeal of going to see a movie when the theater is full. Even when you have the recliner seats you are still very close to some complete stranger who is usually scarfing down popcorn. It just annoys me and I can’t enjoy the movie as I’m constantly distracted. That wasn’t the case Friday night though and we both really enjoyed the movie. We also agreed to go see the next one whenever it comes out.

Saturday morning I met up with my parents for breakfast. They live about an hour away and we usually do breakfast together once a month. We take turns on picking where we go but try to stick to around a halfway point between us. After breakfast I came back home and got all my laundry and cleaning done so that was out of the way. I usually do that Friday nights if I’m not doing anything but as you’re aware I had plans. I then went over to my friend Jeff’s house to watch some college football. My team the USC Trojans were on and they won in convincing fashion. It was pretty much over halfway through the 3rd quarter. After the game we met up with some other friends to watch the UFC card. I’m not that much into MMA fighting but it was fun to watch and I always have fun hanging out with that crowd.

Sunday was of course NFL geared. I went back over to Jeff’s house to watch all the games.  I’m in multiple fantasy football leagues this year. I really got into it last year and even joined some leagues that were not cheap to enter. I have been doing ok so far but in my one league from work I took a big hit with Aaron Rodgers getting hurt. They are saying he broke his collarbone and will be out for the rest of the year. That isn’t good as my only other quarterback right now is Carson Palmer. He isn’t bad but he’s not going to put up the kind of points I was getting with Rodgers. I’m glad that one was only $25 to get in.

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