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When You Have A Crush

March 15th, 2013 | Posted by adminwf in Uncategorized

I’m starting to think yes. We have been working at the same place now for almost 4.5 months and when I first laid my eyes on her I was just so caught up by her beauty, and immensely attracted to her. We have never actually talked, and got to know each other, but we have had some sort of communication with each other (though very minimal), ex – thanks after holding the door open, looking at each other when walking by in the hall, etc.

Well I notice there are many times, where I will have to go by her desk or near her, and she will often stare at me. Sometimes, its a quick glance, sometimes its a 2-3 second stare. I notice quite a few times where see will all of a sudden just stop what she is doing and stare at me, if I were to walk by when she least expected me to. Other times she will stare me from head to toe.

Today after work, I was grabbing my stuff and heading out the door to the elevators, when I exit my room her and a couple friends were walking by on the way to the elevators as well. She was talking and making eye contact with her friends, until she spotted me and just kinda froze and stared at me…at least 3 or 4 seconds. I think it was more like a gaze. It definitely caught my attention, its hard to describe the way she looked at me. She looked keyed in on something.

but honestly, do girls just do this by chance or is there always a reason why, if they stare like this?

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